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Pediatrics in Texas is like every other state: it's dominated by hospital groups and corporate Physician-owned groups. They feel cold and mechanical; they no longer feel warm and like home. Though, the reason they're so influential is because they have scale that no solo practitioner, or even small group, could attain.

Aguirre Medical and Aguirre Practice of Medicine aspire to bring warmth back to Pediatrics, beginning with Texas, the founders' home-state. It will then be the way it was done in the olden days before insurance, macroeconomics, and politics got ahold. 

Instead of a ten-doctor group running corporate "Dallas Pediatrics" we intend on increasing ownership, but keeping brands in-tact. It will be fill-in-the-blank "Dallas Neighborhood" Pediatrics or fill-in-the-blank "Doctor's Name" Pediatrics. They will be solo-practitioners and each location will be uniquely theirs. They will influence the design, hires, and of course have full clinical rule. 

Aguirre will play the same game, but do it better: it will have the scale, presumably with the economic benefits, yet still deliver authentic care. 

Extend ownership and management, while keeping your brand in-tact; or be a provider in our non-corporate environment; or sell us your practice; or be a capital source for our endeavors. 

Home: Welcome
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