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Practice Acquisition and Practice Consolidation

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Sell Your Practice and Stay

If you're a practicing Pediatrician and you've found yourself not enjoying your business, this is a good option. The requirements for owning a practice isn't for the faint of heart. Real estate lease or loan, billing troubleshooting, recruiting and onboarding staff, managing them, banking, supplies and pharmaceutical inventories, to name a few. 

You want to practice medicine. You want to walk in, have a coffee, see your patients, and dust off at the end of the day. You would cash-out, become an employee, and keep your brand and staff. The only thing that would change is a big check in your pocket, and no more burden of managing your own practice. 

Writing a Diary
Looking Out of a Skyscaper


Sell Your Practice and Leave

This option doesn't require much explanation; it is just as it sounds. An investment banker would value your company and we find an appropriate price to pay, given financial performance and inventories. This is for someone who either wants to start practicing elsewhere, or attempt a new field, or simply cash-out and rest.


Keep Ownership, Give Management

This is a fun option! Benignus Medical, an Aguirre Medical associate, would become your MSO, thereby employing non-medical staff, become general manager of the practice, assigned the lease (if leasing), purchase real estate (if owned) but dependent on cost of building. This is for the person that wants to continue practicing medicine, retain a business to pass on to or to sell down the road; but doesn't want the constant burden of not only managing a practice but sustaining all of the risk. Simply put, he/she wants to practice medicine, but continue self-employing.

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